Culinary corner: Try these Innovative bread recipes during lockdown

19/04/2020 at 6:30 PM

Loaf or sliced breads are not in shortage during lockdown and you can prepare some quick bread recipes with variance by tweaking it. This wonder bread can be substituted to make some rocking dishes.

Sicilian Pizza: Italians have their pizza folded, thus to have a Sicilian feeling bring in all the veggies (onion, capsicum, carrots, florets of cauliflower, chillies, boiled corn) you like and slice it, the tomato sauce to be grinded with roasted garlic and green peppers. Place four slices of sliced bread after cutting off theheel or crust on a flat pan smeared with oil preferably olive oil, rub in the tomato sauce on the bread, spread in the cut veggies, sprinkle cheese as per your liking. Cover it with the glass lid, when the cheese starts melting and spreads lift the lid. Fold two slices and serve hot after sprinkling pizza seasonings.

Bread kofta pan Asian style: prior to starting get yourself ready with bread crumbs, around a cup of carrots, capsicum, cabbage and 2 tbsp corn flour – first part. Separately: have chopped garlic, ginger, soya sauce, chilli sauce, 2tbsp corn flour and water ready – second part. I am not mentioning any measured quantity as by now you all must have got used to approx measurement for home cooking.

Mix the first part to make a dough, make round koftas of the same, fry them or put it in air fryer (for a healthy option). Heat the pan add oil, when it steams fry the garlic, ginger, with the sauces and water, salt as per taste and chillies as per pungency. Cook for some time till it boils, add the koftas. To make it to gravy add the corn flour mixed with water for thickness.

Odisha style French Connection (French toast): while preparing French toast we require milk, egg and cinnamon powder. Whereas this dish requires yogurt & besan (chickpea flour) mix in watery consistency along with red chilli powder mixed and beaten. Dip the slice and fry it on a griddle, add vegetables on top and grated cheese (optional) and serve hot. This is one dish I think is very much Odiya style as we use lot chick pea flour while preparing fritters.

Odiya style French Toast

Bread Upma: the dish is cooked by adding the full slice after knifing off the heel or crust. We need the same ingredients as what we need while preparing upma with semolina. Mustard seeds, curry leaves, chopped onions & tomatoes, ½ tsp turmeric, chilli powder & sugar, salt as per taste. Take a wok heat oil and add the ingredients, the trick is bread goes last and it is broken into pieces while been cooked. Serve hot garnished with coriander leaves and roasted peanuts.

Bread Upma

Cheese Bread Roll: normally bread roll has two major ingredients, bread and potatoes are used for stuffing. Here we have tweaked the stuffing of smashed potatoes with onion, chillies, salt, chaat masala and grated cheese. After cutting of the crust we dip the sliced bread into water and squeeze the water out by pressing it between the two palms. The stuffing are put at one end and rolled like sushi. Then it is dipped in corn flour solution, rolled in bread crumbs and deep fried. It can be air fried in Air Fryer for a healthy option. For stringy cheese have mozzarella stuffings. Serve hot with any chutney accompaniments.

Cheese bread roll

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