Culinary Corner: Brunching with Rotis during lockdown

21/04/2020 at 6:29 PM

It is nerve wrecking when cooking three meals a day during lockdown. It becomes more tiring when we work from home with kids running and elders on the call. Thus brunching is one method which can ease you from cooking three meals a day. These dishes mentioned are all healthy, which are tweaked with chapattis or ‘phulkas’.

Anytime stuffed parathas: It is one of the recipes which is quite filling and everyone loves with boondi raita, pickles or simply with pickles. The stuffing can be of your choice, have some potato boiled, and mash it with chillies, ginger, coriander leaves. For the spices add coriander powder, carom seeds, dry mango powder (amchoor) or substitute it with chaat masala, wee bit of black salt and salt to taste. Leave the stuffing to rest and in between prepare the dough with whole wheat flour adding curd, salt and water. The dough ready: after ten to fifteen minutes of resting time, make the dough balls as per requirement. As we will be doing it in the simplest way, thus for each stuffed parathas we need two chapattis. To stuff the parathas, place one chapattis and add the stuffing not much to the edge, place the other chapattis on top and press on the edges. The parathas are ready to be cooked on the flat griddle. Serve hot with the accompaniments.

Stuffed Parathas

Smile it with Cheese: It is the same process as the stuffed parathas are prepared. A tweak with cheese will give a wholesome meal. Instead of grating the cheese between two chapattis, the cheese will be mixed with little milk, corn flour, chillies and onion to a dough consistency. Made into small balls and evenly rolled within two chapattis. Care to be taken as it should not stick out of the edges. To get a stringy consistency mix in some mozzarella. Make it the way parathas are done and serve Smokey hot with any sauce.

Chapatti Pizza: this comes out as the thin crust pizza, the chapattis have to be turned two to three times on a hot tawa so that it is half cooked. On top smear any pizza sauce, sprinkle it with mozzarella cheese generously, slices of capsicum, onion, carrots, boiled corn, jalapeño, olives and pizza seasonings. Place into the preheated – 180 degree centigrade oven for ten minutes or to the time the cheese spreads. Bet you will have the best thin crust pizza. Children will freak out on this pizza.

Thin Crust Chapatti Pizza

Crispy chapatti roll: Though it takes time for preparation but it is an out of the box preparation. The chapatis will have the stuffing same as stuffed parathas or cheese stuffings. The chapattis has to be rolled out to the size pooris and cooked like normal soft parathas on a flat griddle. With the stuffings the parathas have to be rolled up like a Mexican wrap. Then it is dipped in water corn flour mix, rolled in bread crumbs. Then it should be kept in the freezer for half an hour. Take it out from the freezer and fry it in hot oil after it reaches room temperature. This can also be tried with Chickpea flour. Serve hot with your favourite sauce or chutney. 

Crispy Chapatti Roll

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