COVID-19 patient spits at a person in a queue for train tickets in Thailand, dies during the journey

4/04/2020 at 7:29 AM

New Delhi, April 4: A COVID-19 patient spat in another man’s face while queuing to buy a rail ticket in Thailand and died during the train journey.

The man, identified as Anan Sahon, began coughing and vomiting during his journey. Noticing his health condition, the concerned authorities advised him to get down mid-way, but he insisted on commuting.

He eventualy collapsed in front of a toilet and died. During medical examination on his body, the reports tested positive for COVID-19, following which passengers from his coach were evacuated.

The whole unit was sanitised by health officials and eleven persons were sent for quarantine.

During investigation, the CCTV footage showed him spitting on another man and authorities began a drive to trace out the latter.

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