College girls, female IT employees inducted as SPOs in Odisha

2/01/2020 at 7:42 PM

Bhubaneswar: The Commissionerate Police launched an initiative – ‘Women Empowerment for Gender-Sensitive Policing’ (WE-GSP) – to check crimes against women today.

Under the programme, the Commissionerate Police designated at least 246 girls and working women from 30 institutions, including different colleges and IT firms as special police officers (SPOs) in a bid to check crimes against women on those premises.

DGP Abhay, who unveiled the SPO T-shirt in the presence of some Ollywood actors Sabyasachi and Archita said the initiative will help checking crimes against women a lot.

While the job of the SPO is voluntary and non-remunerative in nature, the tenure of each SPO is three-month and can be extended further.

“The SPOs will take steps to prevent harassment and eve-teasing of students and working women. The eve-teasers and roadside-romeos would be summoned to appear with their parents in the court of the Commissioner of Police,” said Sarangi.

He said if the explanation from the eve-teasers and their parents is unsatisfactory, police will issue a red card to those suspects.

“Once they are the eve-teasers are issued red cards, they will not enter the college area or company for one year,” said Sarangi, adding that the SPOs can arrest those if they continue to harass girls.

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