Can Some Food Give us Resilient Health and Boost immunity?

30/03/2020 at 6:53 PM

As of today we are facing a deadly and ghastly epidemic / pandemics – inflicted by Corona Virus. With this comes in quite a lot of opinions on diets, nutrition, and how it can help us on immunity. It’s a Catch Twenty Two situation, everyone is thinking in the back of their minds – are we healthy if not how do we become healthy with a good immune system. Everyone wants it on a fast track but it is not possible over the day.

Be informed that the immune system is very complex one which is intertwined among the cells and proteins – which protects the body from deadly pathogens. It is the genes which we inherit to build a good immune system and its starts from copulation of our parents. But these are not guaranteed, as external factors like: HIV infections, steroids, malnutrition can hinder much on a good and developed immune system. Other environmental expressions, life style and working habits play a crucial role in sustainable immunity development. These are smoking, alcohol intake, substance drugs, sedentary lifestyle, diabetes, heart diseases:  this lowers the immunity to quite a fatal level. A good disciplined diet and lifestyle can help to have a good immunity system.

From the birth itself we have to provide the child with the best nutrition but it cannot be from one single food. It’s basically the appropriate combination of other nutritional food. It has to be through a proper diet and nutrition any mismatch it will affect the microbiomes of the intestine the friendly bacteria and flora of the gut. The first at least have fifty percent of vegetables and fruits, followed by good sleep and exercise which will boost the immunity. It does not end here; it has to be supplemented by micronutrients – vitamins, minerals and fibres. Each of the vegan and non- vegetarian can opt for their own style of diet chart. Non- vegetarian should have some green vegetable in the diet while having meat: they should avoid roasted or dry meats instead have it in the gravy. The vegans should have pulses rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins and food with good source of vitamin C. These should be substantiated with proper hydration and fibre intake.

Addictive Lifestyle:

Immunity and good health is a gradual process and there are no shortcuts. We are sleep deprived because of our work style & lifestyle. Little we realise that sleep boosts our immunity. Thus instead of pressing the panic button do have physical activities i.e. walking, dancing or some sort physical activities which will wake the White Blood Cells. As said earlier, do not panic, do not have stress, always be physically, mentally and socially fit, more so avoid refined flour and processed foods.

Have we Forgotten our Grandma’s Super Foods?

Our Grandma’s diet chart, munchies were the ones which boosted our immune system – which we term now as “SUPER FOODS”. Fresh Turmeric roots, (curcumin has to be high), greens – either leafy or vegetables, ginger, pepper, amla, amrita, fish, citrus fruits rich in Vitamin C, whole grains, legumes, yoghurt, garlic, cottage cheese, pumpkin seeds, or the combination of char magaz, sesame seeds sweet savouries, jaggery. If we look into historicity we find that these were taken in tits and bits every day. These were not branded as super food then, but gave us the right immunity. Today they are branded as super foods, and be sure it really boosts our immunity with a healthy body.

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