Biswanath Rath’s music video ‘Woh Bhi Kya Din the Yaar’ released on World Friendship Day

4/08/2020 at 9:52 PM

Bhubaneswar, Aug: In July 2020, when young, talented singer-composer Bankim Patel had a casual conversation with award-winning filmmaker Biswanath Rath about his latest single, little did he know that the song would go on to become India’s first independently-created crowdsourced music video.

Themed on Friendship, the music video features photos of 10,119 real-life friends crowdsourced from public. This makes the video, India’s first independently-created crowdsourced music video.

Titled .‘Woh Bhi Kya Din the Yaar’, this music video has been produced by Rudra Sankar Patnaik, Arpita Devta, Jyoti Prakaas Das, Bankim Patel & Biswanath Rath. The video is being presented by Bankim Patel Music and Multi-award winning film production studio ‘BnR Films’. Young and talented singer-composer Mr. Bankim Patel has composed the music and performed the song. Internationally acclaimed filmmaker Biswanath Rath has directed the Music Video.‘Woh Bhi Kya Din the Yaar’. The music video has been launched on 2nd August 2020 on ‘Bankim Patel Music’s YouTube Channel’. The video has already crossed 25,000 YouTube views in just 48 hours.

Talking about the Music Video, Producer Rudra Sankar Patnaik says, ‘The song and the music video have surpassed all our expectations as producers. We have received overwhelming response to the song and the video. As expected, the song and music video have been thoroughly appreciated by the audience.”

Producer Jyoti Prakaas says, ‘We are fortunate to have such a super talented team in this project. We are also blessed to have the support of 10 different brands in this project. After this YouTube release, the audio of this song will also be made available on all the major Music Streaming Apps like Gaana, JIO Saavn, Hungama, Spotify, Wynk Music, Apple Music etc. We sincerely hope our audience will love the song as well as the music video.”

Music composer Bankim says, “This song is not just only about Friendship, it’s also about those golden childhood and nostalgic days which all of us miss so badly. I still remember, while composing this song in November last year, the only thing which was running in my mind was, this has to be a song which everyone can relate to their own life. And finally, when I look back, I am really glad as a composer and singer that this song has been able to speak what I wanted to.

Talking about the making of this song, it was really a challenging task especially during the lock down. The lyricist of this song (Dimple Ahirwar) belongs to Madhya Pradesh. The Music Producer & Sound Engineer (Vishal Iyer) and our director (Biswanath Rath) is from Pune, Maharashtra where as our editor (Prem Raja) is from Chennai. So, what I mean to say is that, this current scenario of lockdown gave us a new opportunity to unlock our potential to create something beautiful even in such unfavorable circumstances.

This song is also special because it caters to the emotions and memories of more than 10,000 people across the globe. We are really glad that we could bind everyone together in a music video and make them believe on the true meaning of Friendship.

We decided to release this song under the banner “Bankim Patel Music” as it all started from here. More than everything this song has a strong personal and emotional connect with me. As a brand, our only vision as a musician would be to connect people with their heart and emotions. Would seek the love and support from all our audience on this.

Another important pillar on this project is Mr. Biswanath Rath (CEO of BnR Films) who has been really instrumental on the successful completion of this project. Without him this song could never have been able to achieve its reach.

Lastly, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Jyoti Prakaas Das (BnR Films Marketing head) and all our media and promotional partners. And a big thanks to Mr Rudra Sankar Patnaik for believing in us.

Director Biswanath Rath (CEO of BnR Films) says, ‘We are humbled to share that this Music Video is India’s first independently-made crowdsourced music video. We express our heartfelt thanks to all our fans, friends for their active participation. A total of 10,119 people have shared their photos and have featured in this video, which in itself is a unique milestone.

What inspired me to take up ‘Woh Bhi Kya Din The Yaar’ was the awe-inspiring lyrics of Dimpleji, the mind-blowing voice and music of Bankim and lastly the magical mixing by Vishalji. When I listened to the song, literally there were tears in my eyes. Like a bullet train, memories of a lifetime ran in my mind. I just couldn’t stop myself from being part of this wonderful project themed on the most beautiful bond in our world: ‘Friendship’.

Every project has its own uniqueness. In this project, we were sure of one thing. Considering the current scenario and the risk it poses to the team, we didn’t want to shoot or encourage shoot in any form.  Also, I was very sure of another aspect. I didn’t want to use Stock images or Footages or make it yet another lyrical video. I told Bankim, ‘Why don’t we crowdsource photos of people, photos of their funniest/craziest/best moments of school/college days? After all, who doesn’t want to go back and relive those golden days, if only for few minutes!

There came the idea of India’s first independently-made crowdsourced music video. All of us thoroughly enjoyed working in this project. We are truly blessed to have Rudra sir, Arpita Madam and Jyoti sir with us, whose unconditional support have made this project possible. Sincere thanks to Editor Prem and Graphics Designer Hitesh for their untiring effort in bringing our vision to screen in the most beautiful way. Delivering such an Animation-heavy video project in just 10 days, is a mammoth task. Both Prem and Hitesh have spent restless nights to ensure that neither quality nor timeline is compromised.

The song and the video have received awe-inspiring response from our fans, audience and critics. We are receiving comments from our audience that the song and the video has won their hearts and has made them cherish those unforgettable moments…once again.”

Apart from the Youtube release, like our previous works, we also plan to submit this music video in various film festivals and OTTs across the globe.’’

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