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The long coastline of Odisha always brings some culinary delight on our plates. Be it crustaceans, fish, crabs, Cephalopod aka squid, or Octopoda aka octopus, in Odisha, we have quite a variety of dishes that are being made from these. But the creativity in Breathe by Biswajit, the seafood takes a different form here reminding us the 20,000 leagues under the Sea.

Engineer turned Chef, Mr Biswajit Maharathi adds a twist to everything served at Breathe by Biswajit. A software engineer now dons the toque, with a keen interest on Indian Cuisine. He has a post graduation degree from Culinary Academy of India, Hyderabad. A diploma in the bakery services a feather to his toque. A rich experience from Taj Vivanta and Thailand. This place inspired him and made him fall head over heels with seafood specially the variant and favours.

It’s always farm to plates at the restaurant the waft of freshness is always there. Be it a gravy, or a sauce, or tandoor- marinated food is cooked when you order and prepared ultra-fresh for the ultimate treat to your taste buds. It is worth a wait!

Coming to what we tried…

Tandoori Prawn

I can say I speak for almost all Indians that we love tandoor dishes. Be it chicken, mutton, fish or prawn, when spices and the char come together, our taste buds party! At Breathe by Biswajit, we tried tandoori prawns. This was nothing like you’ll usually get at other outlets. With spices not making you run for water and even coating of marinade throughout the prawn, you have the perfect tandoor. Chef Biswajit paired Tandoori Prawns with peanut chutney and the traditional mint-curd chutney. The peanut chutney added nuttiness to the prawns and the mint chutney added the much-sought freshness. It can be called as the Great Indian Seafood starter!

Whole Grilled Fish

We believe that our eyes feast first, then our taste buds (and then souls, of course!). This dish is the very proof of this like. Plated in a unique way and grilled to the right texture, this grilled fish will return your love for seafood (in case you had lost it!). Bhetki fish is cleaned and marinated with lemon, salt and pepper and then is grilled with a Breathe secret marinade. Chef Biswajit paired the grilled fish with a lemon, garlic butter sauce which elevated the freshness of the fish. This sauce had the freshness of lemon juice and the punch of garlic-y butter with a hint of rosemary. It’s truly a match made in heaven!

Smoked Octopus

This is probably one of the quirkiest dishes we have tried! A silent prayer for Oswald the Octopus, but this one was really delicious. Cleaned properly and cooked with the octopus head, this dish was prepared in a Chinese style with mushrooms, veggies! The best part of this dish, apart from the delicious and perfectly cooked octopus, is the smoke. Smoked using Apple Cherry wood which they procure from the USA, added quite a mellow and sweet flavour. Present in a cabbage bowl over a bamboo platter, you can taste the ocean in your mouth

Squid Stir Fry

The squid wasn’t a preference of mine until I had Fried Calamari earlier. Now, it’s a preferred choice, thanks for Breathe by Biswajit. The Squid was cut in strips with a lattice style cut to curl the strands and sponge in a lot of sauce. With the curled up squid strips, mushrooms, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes and onions, this squid stir fry was phenomenal. With some oyster sauce and soy sauce, there was a balance and added flavour to the squid which makes it a stand out.

As Chef Biswajit believes, food should please your eyes first and then raise the bar with the taste, his dishes definitely kept the promise. With a welcoming and comforting ambience, it was appalling for us to pick just one favourite in Breathe By Biswajit. So, we picked a favourite dish and a sauce too. Tandoori prawns brag the first place along with the Lemon, garlic butter sauce. My mouth waters for these amazing dishes as I am writing about it. You have to try it to believe it!

Inputs by Apurba and Photograph by Tveshaj

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