COVID-19: Big Bazaar begins doorstep delivery; Know your nearest store to place order

25/03/2020 at 11:44 AM

Bhubaneswar, Mar 24: The Big Bazaar has begun its doorstep delivery in the State.

One can call and get their daily needs delivered at your doorstep.

Step-1- Call the nearest store and place your order

Step-2-Delivery at doorstep

Step-3-Pay @ Home (Cash & Cards accepted)

Here is Phone Number of your nearest Big Bazaar store

Forum Mart – Kharvel Nagar- 9778977800

Maruti Mall- Patia- 8433999709

Krishna Plaza – Naya Pally- 8928932045

Esplanade One- 8928932044

D N Regalia-7609819546


Symphony Mall- 7978052905

Sambalpur- 9556997313

Jharsuguda- 8917518540


Puri- 7008298014

JaJpur- 9937303976

No frozen foods, fruits: Vegetables and Dairy product will be delivered. Payment modes are only Cash and Credit/Debit card.

Maximum delivery distance is 5 KM and minimum bill value should be Rs 1,000 for Call on Delivery (COD) & Chat for Delivery (CFD). Standard Delivery charges are Rs 50.

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