13/12/2019 at 3:11 PM

In any of the best bakeries in the city while having pastry, cake, ice cream and sweet savories, we are cheated on the quality of the cream. By mastering the use of synthetic cream, the unethical Chefs are actually squeezing the most from us.    

We have been brainwashed that using the derivatives of Milk are bad for us i.e ghee and butter. We were advised to use vanaspati non diary content. This happens to be a slow killer which the doctors can bet on this. The process in which it is made creates unhealthy fats dangerous to our body. Vanaspati is popular due to its low pricing.

Ayurveda over centuries had recorded how ghee benefits us, today we are getting back to it because the western doctors have pointed out how harmful margarine or vanaspati can be (just remember we consume margarine and vanaspati while having cookies).

At present very few manufacturers are providing us with the genuine ice-creams else it is frozen vegetable oils and less diary fat. As the ice-cream scam came to the forefront some of the outlets manufactured their own ice-creams and new international vendors entered India with genuine ice-creams.

One place where the unethical Chefs use non-diary whipping cream – are in the cakes, confectionary and pastry section. As of now no one uses the real cream in the dessert cakes, pastries and sweet confectionaries.

The cream they use have, water, edible  vegetable oils, Sugar, Emulsifiers (INS 435, INS 322, INS 475), Soya protein concentrate, Stabilisers (INS 461, INS 405, INS 415), Acidity regulators (INS 331, INS 339) and finally the artificially flavouring substances.

All the ingredients are made under the industrial sheds and not a drop from the cow sheds. The presence of hydrogenated fats is not healthy. Our chefs in Bhubaneswar:  give fancy name by imitating these confectionaries from international menus but in the process they are cheating the customers. Just imagine paying a hefty price for a non-genuine and fake product.

Is it the management which turns a blind eye or they are not aware of the same. It is basically the Chefs who wants to keep their food cost down. Top of it non-talented chefs squeeze through in the professional line.

Synthetic cream lasts longer. The cream pastry you see on the shelves of the hotel pastry outlets may have been made days ago. With real cream you would have to make it fresh every day. The fake creams are easy to manipulate and while doing the fillings. If the real creams are whipped beyond the whipping time it becomes butter thus you should be a culinary expert to understand the character of the diary by product. But the industrial product you can whip on to make the peaks.

The chef’s use this ingredient because, it is 1/4th price from the original cream, does not require the expert skill to handle and top of it does not get sour or curdles. Customers have become so used to it that they cannot say the difference. It is like using synthetic vanilla. Today the city’s popular bakery which used to serve the best pineapple pastry does not have the same taste when they started it. Today the bakers don’t call ice-cream but frozen dessert. Secondly they don’t have the moral obligation regarding the industrial creams side effect it will have affect on the customers. The hospitality fraternities have to be transparent and educate the customer about the ingredients used.

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