Bargarh Dhanu Yatra to conclude today with the killing of King Kansa

10/01/2020 at 6:26 PM

Bargarh, Jan 10: The world famous Dhanu Yatra being held at the western Odisha town Bargarh since December 31 will conclude today with the killing of demon king Kansa at the hands of Krishna. Thousands of people congregate here to see the end of the eleven day long Dhanu Yatra.

Krishna and his elder brother Balram are on a visit to Mathura kingdom on the invitation of king Kansa.

The last scene of Dhanu Yatra, which is being held on the world’s largest open air stage in Bargarh town, will be performed in which Kansa will be killed in the hands of his nephews Krishna.

Earlier yesterday, the scenes of Krishna meeting a washer man, Sudama gardener and Kubja were enacted. Kubja, an ugly woman turned into a beautiful lady with the touch of Krishna.

On the other hand, king Kansa being scared of Krishna has deployed his Army around Mathura. He had seen a dream that he will be killed at the hands of Krishna. Therefore, he has deployed a mad elephant Kubalaya, two wrestlers Chanura and Mustika to kill Krishna.

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