Banker loses Rs 19,000 while purchasing beer online

2/04/2020 at 1:11 PM

BHUBANESWAR: A bank manager loosed Rs 19,000 on Tuesday while attempting to buy a bottle of beer online.

Even if the purchases and home deliveries services of alcohol are not available in the state, the banker tried his luck to get a beer at the door steps on the day where since a week a nationwide lockdown is underway.

A fake e-commerce website asked him for payment through a call sending a code to the banker and as soon as he clicked the same a whopping Rs 19,000 was debited from his account.

The banker said that he was doing a search on the internet on whether online purchase and home delivery of liquor is available in the city where he came across a shop offering the service.

The search threw up a reputed wine shop of the city offering the service and he immediately placed an order for an Rs 260 beer bottle.

“After the online payment, I received a phone call confirming the payment. The caller asked me that he would send a bar code link to my phone, which I needed to click to get the confirmation of home delivery,” the complainant said.

“When I clicked on the same link, I received a message that Rs 19,000 was debited from his account and I tried to call up the person, but it was unreachable,” he added.

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