Bangladeshi sex worker arrested for coming to Odisha on the basis of fake adhar card

25/12/2019 at 12:16 PM

Bhubaneswar, 25/ 12:  Foreign nationals are found to be involved in the sex racket in the capital city once again. A Bangladeshi sex worker was arrested recently for coming to Odisha on the basis of a fake adhar card.

Last year, a high profile sex racket was busted in the state capital. Commissionerate police had deported several Thai women who were running illegal spa and sex racket in Bhubaneswar. They were sent back to Bangkok by flight.

The high profile sex racket was detected to be running in Sahidnagar under the guise of a massage parlour and spa named as h20. Eight Thai young women were involved in the sex racket. .

Once again, commissionerate police arrested recently a Bangladeshi sex worker for staying illegally in Bhubaneswar. She had allegedly come to Odisha on the basis of a fake adhar card without passport and visa.

A few days ago, the sex worker had alleged in Laxmisagar police station that she was sexually assaulted in a hotel in Chintamaniswar area. The subsequent investigation revealed that she was a Bangladeshi national and had come to Odisha on the basis of a fake adhar card. She was arrested by the police and forwarded to court.

The said Bangladeshi young women was carrying out flesh trade in Odisha for last oine month. She had heated exchange with the two employees of a hotel in Chintamaniswar area on December 16 and lodged a complaint in Laxmisagar police station. When the police sought her identity, the young woman showed an adhar card which has West Bengal address. On scrutiny, the adhar card was found to be fake. A police team then went to Kolkata for further scrutiny, leaving the young woman in a short stay home.

 The investigation at Kolkata revealed that the young woman had entered West Bengal without any passport. She was brought by a pimp named as Raja to Pipili, where a woman was running a sex racket. She was earning huge income by engaging the Bangladeshi young woman in the flesh trade. The racket allegedly engaged around 40 Bangladeshi women in the age group of 20 to 25 years in the flesh trade in Bhubaneswar.

The commissionerate police has now started further investigation in Bhubaneswar. Very soon surprise raids will be conducted in the city hotels and suspected places, a senior police official said.

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