Baliguda police comes up with unique way of shaming violators during lockdown

Kandhamal, March 26: In a bid to shame people loitering without any reason during the nation-wide lockdown for Covid-19, Baliguda police station has come up with a unique idea to shame the violators.

Police said that they have come up with two dedicated zones for violators and their vehicles violating the guidelines of lockdown. The violators are also being photographed with placards.

“The violators are being asked to stand at a place marked as ‘Amania Gang (unruly gang), while the vehicles of such willful violators are kept in a place marked as ‘Hinastia Gaadi (troubled vehicles)’. This has been started in Baliguda police station area on experimental basis and we are also planning to extend it to other police stations,” said Baliguada SDPO, Manas Ranjan Barik.

He also urged residents not to come out of their houses without any emergency. “We have asked our men not to harass people associated with emergency works. Besides we have also created markings for our men to maintain distance during blocking,” added the SDPO.

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