After ‘Corona’, ‘Sanitizer’, now baby named ‘Mahoba Depot’

29/09/2020 at 2:29 PM

Mahoba (Uttar Pradesh), Sep 29: A baby born abroad a moving bus in Mahoba district has been named ‘Mahoba Depot’. This comes after the pandemic inspired named like “Corona Kumar”, “Sanitizer Kumari” and even “Covid”.

The incident took place on Monday when a pregnant woman was being taken from Rath to the district hospital by her family members on a UP Roadways bus.

The woman went into labour pains and an elderly woman, travelling in the same bus, helped her in delivering the baby boy.

The driver and the conductor of the bus informed senior officials and drove the bus straight to the district hospital where the mother and the new born were admitted.

The doctors at the district hospital declared that the mother and her baby were healthy and safe.

Elated at the news, the transport personnel and the passengers distributed sweets and named the baby as ‘Mahoba Depot’.

In early April a couple in Saharanpur had named their daughter “Sanitizer”. In Chhattisgarh on March 27, a couple named their twins Covid and Corona (IANS)

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