A large comet rushing towards Earth: NASA

11/01/2020 at 12:20 PM

USA’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has informed that a large comet is moving towards the Earth. It will pass near the Earth while moving ahead.

This huge comet, named as 2020AV2, will pass near the Earth tomorrow (January 12).2020AV2 comet is moving at a speed of 28,440 km per hour.

The size of the comet is equal to the total volume of four buses. Its length is around 50 ft. If it hits any big city like London or New York, it will destroy it within a minute, says NASA.

However, the movement of 2020AV2 comet will not cause any damage to the Earth as it will move at a distance of 1,645,5 76 km from the globe, say the Space scientists.

Earlier, four comets have passed near the Earth. They were: ‘Asteroid 2019 YV’, ‘Asteroid 2020 AL2’, ‘Asteroid 2019 YF4’, ‘Asteroid 2019 UO’

Numerous comets and asteroids, made of gaseous substances, move around the Sun in the solar system.

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